Monday, 4 June 2018

Hoping for a better you

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It has been a long time since last entry was posted, im sorry for that. 
Hustle and bustle journey of life
Making me tough
and tougher
I'm grateful

Through many challenges,
emotional distress
or not so
I'm grateful

But suddenly
After a veryx300 long time since no more name in my heart
I mean, since i'm sure no more name
no more
but i can't bear it
being a friend for someone who..
i mean, a bestfriend
for someone who is a heart-player
is quite difficult
Am i grateful for this feeling?
Even still young to feel love?

ew, love?
i bet it is really not love
but what is it?
what is it when 
i'm touched when he cares
i'm hurt when he told me his love stories
love stor(ies)
so i'm hurt everytime
Am i grateful for this torture?

I'm hoping for a better you
a better person
who knows very well abt halal and haram
because i'm not supposed..
to teach you
i'm not worth it
bcs i know you knew
what is it, very well
I'm grateful for that

I'm hoping for a better you
a better guy
who take care girls feelings
and didn't treat girls by..
telling them you loved them
telling them you cares abt them
telling them she is the most trusted person
who 'knows you better' 
but you didnt meant.
bcs you need me.
bcs i'm your trusted
dear, sbst